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Jkjiwani, FCCA U.K.

IFRS Expert & Business Valuation Specialist

Jkjiwani, FCCA U.K.

IFRS Expert & Business Valuation Specialist

With over 35 years of international experience, Jkjiwani is a pivotal member of our team at Precision Tax & Consultancy Advisors. His extensive career is marked by profound expertise in risk management, financial reporting, business valuation, and a specialized focus on process management and business re-engineering. As an FCCA accredited professional from the U.K., he excels in applying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), equipping our clients to navigate the complexities of global finance with confidence.

Jkjiwani’s diverse skill set also includes enhancing operational efficiencies and strategic business evaluations, which allow him to provide critical insights that drive corporate growth and optimize financial performance. His approach integrates deep analytical rigor with a strategic understanding of global market dynamics, offering innovative solutions that ensure compliance, financial integrity, and sustainable success in the international business landscape.

Jiji Thomas FCCA (Dubai, UAE)

Business Assurance

Jiji Thomas FCCA U.K.Business Assurance

Mr. Jiji Thomas brings to Precision Tax & Consultancy Advisors his extensive expertise as an ACCA-qualified professional specializing in business assurance and strategic business planning. With over two decades of experience in the industry, he has developed a profound understanding of the intricacies of business strategy and risk management.

As a seasoned Business Assurance Expert, Mr. Thomas excels in ensuring that organizations operate with the highest standards of financial integrity and compliance. His role involves conducting thorough audits and reviews to safeguard against financial discrepancies and advising on best practices for operational excellence.

In addition to his assurance capabilities, Mr. Thomas is a formidable business strategist. He is adept at crafting strategic plans that drive business growth, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve long-term organizational objectives. His strategic inputs are backed by data-driven insights and a deep understanding of market dynamics, which enable our clients to stay competitive and forward-thinking in their respective industries.

Tijesh Maru, Chartered Qualified ( Mumbai, India )

Lead Tax Strategist

Tijesh Maru – Lead Tax Strategist

With over 30 years of experience in business finance and auditing, CA Tijesh Maru steers our firm with a steadfast dedication to excellence. As a founder and lead tax strategist at Precision Tax & Consultancy Advisors, his profound expertise spans across critical areas such as business finance auditing, strategic financial planning, and business loan specialization.

CA Maru’s career is distinguished by his deep understanding of complex financial landscapes and his ability to devise robust strategies that drive success. His specialization in securing business loans empowers our clients with the financial resources needed to expand and thrive in competitive markets.

Under his guidance, our firm commits to delivering only the best, most effective solutions, ensuring that every client achieves optimal financial health and strategic advantage. CA Maru’s leadership not only shapes our high standards but also instills a culture of precision and integrity throughout our team.

Iran Maredia, IT Sector Specialist ( Canada )

Iran Maredia, IT Sector Specialist

Iran Maredia is our IT Sector Specialist at Precision Tax & Consultancy Advisors, bringing over 15 years of extensive experience in technology solutions and digital strategy. With a robust background in software development and IT project management, he plays a crucial role in integrating advanced technological frameworks into our clients’ strategic plans.

Iran’s expertise lies in leveraging technology to enhance business efficiency and innovation. He guides our clients through digital transformation initiatives, helping them to adopt new technologies that streamline operations, improve data security, and increase overall competitiveness. His approach combines technical prowess with strategic foresight, ensuring that IT solutions align perfectly with business goals.

Mr. Rizwan Ali ( USA )

Expert in Business Acumen Development

Mr. Rizwan Ali –

Expert in Business Acumen Development

Mr. Rizwan is renowned for his exceptional business acumen and strategic insight at Precision Tax & Consultancy Advisors. With more than 20 years of experience in business development and management, he specializes in guiding firms through complex business environments and market fluctuations.

His expertise encompasses organizational development, leadership training, and strategic decision-making, enabling companies to achieve sustainable growth and robust performance. Mr. Rizwan’s approach involves a deep analysis of market trends and internal capabilities, crafting strategies that drive profitability and market share expansion. His work is instrumental in helping our clients understand and capitalize on business opportunities, positioning them for success in dynamic markets.

Avinash Modi ( Mumbai, India )

Business Strategy & Marketing Specialist

Avinash Modi –

Business Strategy & Marketing Specialist

With more than 25 years of insightful experience, Avinash Modi is our go-to expert for business strategy, expansion, and marketing. His comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior has significantly contributed to the success and growth of numerous client businesses.

At Precision Tax & Consultancy Advisors, Avinash’s role involves crafting and implementing innovative strategies that drive business growth and market penetration. His specialty lies in identifying and leveraging unique market opportunities for expansion, coupled with deploying targeted marketing strategies that amplify brand presence and client engagement.

Avinash’s approach is deeply analytical yet creatively inclined, allowing him to produce sustainable, results-oriented plans for our clients. His expertise not only helps businesses adapt and thrive in evolving markets but also ensures they achieve a compelling competitive edge.